Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exclusive Video Interview with Ann and Nancy

Check out this great Ann and Nancy interview with Spinner! Gorgeous photos too! :D

Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson came to musical prominence in the '70s, a decade in which muscle cars like the Camaro and Trans-Am were rock stars in their own right. The iconic sisters' new album, 'Red Velvet Car' -- their first studio effort in six years -- and the track 'Wheels' brings to mind that era with a recurring automobile motif.

When the Wilson sisters visited AOL's L.A. studios for a video chat about the new album, guitarist Nancy explained the origins of the title track. "We started working on the song, 'Red Velvet Car,' and we went, 'Wow, this album is about travel,'" she said. "There's something about the modern psyche and the heart of the modern culture that is on its way through. The good old image of home and heart has really altered lately. Everything is fast and moving, everyone's on a plane and that's the lonelier aspect of the modern world. 'Red Velvet Car,' it's another travel song with a lonely center, looking for a rescue, which is what a red velvet car is: A friend who comes, no matter what, with a red velvet car to get you."

Since we were on the subject, we asked the sisters about their most memorable rides. "When I went to college, my parents gave me a car that was a 1967 red Chevrolet Impala. That was at the height of my psychedelic time as a young person, so I called it the Astroplane and painted it all up inside," Ann recalled. "I was at art school, so I used acrylic paint. In Seattle it rains quite a bit, and acrylic paint is water soluble, so I had to keep repainting it again and again -- you know, gotta have that peace word on it." "The car was living art in progress," Nancy added, laughing.

For more from Heart about cars, Lady Gaga, Lilith Fair and why these songs take them back to their 'Dreamboat Annie' days, check out the exclusive video interview and gallery below.

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