A Year Full of Heart

Second monthly calendars! =) First I'd like to say thank you so much to everyone who downloaded my July calendars. Over 40 people! I'm so glad this is a site feature you guys enojoy because I sure have fun making them.

I was full of ideas the last few days so I made 2 calendars for this month. One Ann and one Nancy. =) Same as last month, there are two versions, one with tour dates, and one without. Sized 1555px by 1200px. If you would like them to be adjusted to your desktop size to use as a wallpaper please leave me a comment with the dimensions needed and I will try my best to adjust it accordingly.

And so we here they are. Ann, a beautiful Hope & Glory promo, and Nancy, a new RVC promo. Holding a little red velvet heart. Too sweet. ^_^

For those interested to know, the text I used on Nancy's and some of Ann's is John Lennon's handwriting. =) And those are the lyrics to Hey You in the Nancy one. I hope you like them! =D