Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heart Enjoying Return to the Top 10

Catching up on some of these older things again. Here's a little piece on the Top 10 Debut :)

Proving that age has nothing to do with topping the charts these days, Heart -- featuring sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson -- are back with their first Top Ten album in 20 years. Their new studio set, Red Velvet Car, debuted at Number Ten on the Billboard Top 200 chart, marking the band's highest charting album since 1990's Brigade peaked at Number Three.

We asked lead singer Ann Wilson how she and sister Nancy first got the news about Red Velvet Car charting high: "We were all sort of waiting around for the announcement of the numbers. And when it came, out manager Carol decided not to tell anybody (laughs)! I think she was going to spring it on us the next day or something, but we reached out and asked. And so, she had to tell us the night before."

Wilson said that having enjoyed both Heart's original success and then its runaway '80s comeback, the band is far more grounded with the new interest in Heart's music: "It's been many a year since we've had an album in the Top Ten -- it's been since the '80s. But I remember, since this isn't our first rodeo, I remember the first time around, back then what it was like to have a Number One album. And suddenly all these people come and say 'Wow! You deserve it! Wow! I knew this would happen!' The same people who, y'know, wouldn't take your calls like two weeks before (laughs). That's not to put any darkness on anything, but, it's just that people do suddenly relate to you a little differently."


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