Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heart Rolls Into Street Date Studios In A “Red Velvet Car”

Say the name Heart to any fan of classic rock and immediately you’ve got a sing-along on your hands. It’s impossible to think of the band without busting into one of rock’s great power ballads. Whether it’s “Alone,” “These Dreams” or “What About Love,” Heart literally wrote the soundtrack to the American love story, and their music has helped define the sound of rock ‘n roll for over a generation. Last month they released a brand new album called Red Velvet Car featuring two hot new singles (“WTF” and “Hey You”).

Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson rode their Red Velvet Car right into the Street Date studios last month to preview songs from the new album, and treat a handful of lucky fans to some all-time hits from their treasured catalog.

There are few things more enjoyable sitting back and listening as Ann and Nancy Wilson swap stories about the good old days (and bad old days) of their lifetime in rock ‘n roll. In our wide-ranging interview presented in the clip below, the two tell tales of sleazy promoters from the 70′s, of encounters with legends like Elton John and Steely Dan, and of near-death experiences halfway around the world (beware the Japanese rock festival!). Click play to hear these classy sisters (they still get along, after all these years) tell the tale in their own words.

Heart began their Street Date session by debuting three songs off their new album. For everyone in the room, this was the first time these new tunes had ever been heard. In typical Wilson Sisters fashion, they shared a charming story about each song before getting down to business. Those stories are captured here – hit play on the videos below to watch Heart perform their new songs and get the full story behind “Hey You,” “Red Velvet Car” and “WTF.

Hey You:

Red Velvet Car:


As thrilling as it was to hear the new material, the real joy of Heart‘s studio session came when they switched gears and asked “anybody want to hear some old stuff?” In unison, the response from the room was “YES!” Without missing a beat, the duo dove into their signature hard rock tune “Barracuda.” For many people the song marks a watershed moment in rock ‘n roll – a lightening-flash revelation that saw women rockers finally lashing out against the male-dominated industry. The song cut right through the sleaze that surrounded so many parts of the business, and remains one of the most anthemic rock songs ever written (that guitar riff is no slouch either, and ranks among the all-time greats). Heart closed out their Street Date appearance with a rare performance of their treasured, but lesser-known classic “Dog & Butterfly.” Hit play below to hear the stories and watch these killer performances.

Dog & Butterfly:


Like what you hear? Check out Red Velvet Car, the new album from Heart, at iTunes and Amazon.


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