Friday, December 3, 2010

Give The Gift Of Music: Ann Wilson on "Sunflower"

Ann gives us a beautiful insight in to the love behind Nancy's song "Sunflower" :)

After all the years my sister Nancy and I have been writing songs together, I feel I know her creative impulse pretty well. When we were writing the songs for our last album “Jupiter’s Darling,” she came up with a beautiful, unfinished piece called “Hey You.” It was a very sweet, insightful piece that I flattered myself into hoping was about ME. The poetry contained things I wished we could say to each other on a friendship and sisterly level, and it thrilled me to think she was feeling those things about our long relationship that has seen so much over the years. She never finished the song then, unable to come up with the right ending. Six years later, when recording our “Red Velvet Car” album, she and producer Ben Mink were able to finish the song. Can you imagine my secret delight?! Finally, after all the years of me writing songs for and about other people, someone had written one for me. Then, Nancy mentioned in passing that “Hey You” had always been about her relationship with her then-husband. Well, before I could stop myself I blurted out, “Oh! I always kinda thought that song was about me.” We had a little laugh about it, but inside I was disappointed. Of course Nancy knows every move on my face, and my every tiny nuance of body language, so she got an idea how to make me feel better. In a matter of days she unveiled a lovely new song she’d written called “Sunflower.” The poetry in this song describes a strong, beautiful, vibrant sunflower, “standing shameless in the air.” She had written it just for me … for my birthday. Such a gift has never been given to me before. No one else on Earth knows me better than Nancy, and to have an artist such as her do this touched me on a very deep level. I can hardly listen to the song now without getting really misty. It is very personal, and runs deep in my heart. I hope when people hear her “Sunflower” song, they will feel Nancy’s glowing soul and her deep generosity of spirit.


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