Friday, December 3, 2010

Innocent Words: Red Velvet Car Review

It’s hard to fathom that some would call Heart’s latest release Red Velvet Car a “comeback album.” Sure it’s been six years since their last studio release Jupiter’s Darling, but a comeback album? Hardly. I mean come on, Heart has sold over 30 million records, had 21 Top 40 hits, sold out arenas worldwide, and had an influence on rock music since the 1970s – what would they be coming back from?

Red Velvet Car is a pretty low-key album with acoustic guitars at the foundation. Opening with the bluesy “There You Go” then heading into the epic single “WTF” the album has a stout start. “Hey You” is a bouncy summer jam and the straight-forward rocker “Wheels” is the best one-two combination of the ten songs. Nancy Wilson takes the lead vocals for the sexy “Sunflower” and for diehard Heart fans the Wilson sisters revamp “Sand” from their 1990s side project The Lovemongers.

With Red Velvet Car we find Ann and Nancy Wilson mixing the past with the present. They have embraced their maturity and parlayed the highs and lows of the past few years of their lives into another powerful Heart record.


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