Thursday, August 19, 2010

Classic Rock Revisited Review of Red Velvet Car

On August 31st Heart returns with an album of nine new songs and one oldie seeing the light of day once again. Red Velvet Car sees the Sisters Wilson focusing strongly on vocal chops and acoustic guitars, even though some of the best moments are when they plug in the electrics. “WTF” and “Death Valley” are two great rocking tracks that show with Heart could do if they so chose.

However, this is a celebration of the acoustic. The album starts off with one of the strongest songs in “There You Go.” Other high points are a thirteen-year-old track from the band’s Lovemonger days titled “Sand.” The title track is also very well written and will be a fan favorite.

Ann sounds amazing, as usual. It is easy to review Heart’s music and not even mention her vocal acrobatics as we have come to take them for granted. She sounds as strong today as at any point in her past. Sister Nancy sings two tunes, “Sunflower” and “Hey You” and does a fine job. Her acoustic playing and songwriting have depth… soul, one could say, not the Motown kind but rather the spiritual variety.

The Wilson’s looked deep inside themselves and focused on feelings, observations and their roots when creating Red Velvet Car. It is a kinder, gentler and more mature Heart than we have seen before. However, it also is the most revealing the band, especially Ann, has been with her softer emotions. She opens up for the masses and the result is a solid, professional and music album.


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