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A&N Online Exclusive Review: Heart at the Ryman 8/17/2010

I encourage anyone who comes to this site, if you've seen a recent show, please submit a review! As a fan, I really enjoy reviews that go into a lot of detail. I love seeing the emotions in the words. I feel like some of the reviews I read from the "pros" are a little dry sometimes. When my friends and I read about the shows we always love hearing about the little in between moments, Ann and Nancy's banter, there's so many sweet, wonderful moments in a show that I don't want to miss out on. And we always love hearing about the outfits :D Anyone who is interested in submitting, I really encourage you to pour your heart out, bring us to the place Ann and Nancy took you. :)

Our second review! :D This one comes from my friend Kendel who attended the Ryman show! Enjoy :)

Heart at the historic Ryman Auditorium August 17, 2010

I have been a fan of Heart since before my age hit double digits. I remember playing jacks on the floor in my mom’s beauty shop in the ‘70s and hearing on the radio, “Crazy on You”. As a kid, my older cousins would let me sit on their laps and steer the car through our neighborhood, singing as loud as we could to whatever cool song was playing on the radio. It was with then that I learned to love all of what is now considered classic rock. But I especially loved Heart. My very first Heart album was the self –titled “Heart”. I knew every song and swore someday I would see these women perform. That was 1985.

That day came on August 17, 2010 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. I was ecstatic and could hardly wait to witness, in my mind, the best female rock n’ rollers in the business. Ann Wilson has a set of pipes on her like none other, and Nancy Wilson is right there with Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page. This show was guaranteed to rock!

The first opening act was a peaceful voice, Erick Baker. He only played a guitar and had an accompanying violin, but his vocals were awesome. I would love to hear him again.

My first reaction to the next act was, “Oh my God, it’s Hanson.” I was very wrong and apologize for placing the Tyler Bryant Band in that category. The lead singer is going to be a rock start. Mark my words….the boy is rock star material. They are a hometown band and obviously had many fans in the Ryman. I became their next.

We were pumped full of AC/DC while the stage was being prepped for Heart. It was during that time that I witnessed a crowd bursting at the seams with energy. A man several rows in front of me was playing air drums and had the whole auditorium rooting for him. The dude across the aisle was playing air guitar so “Slash-like” that his wife was distancing herself. The “wave” was surging through the crowd. It was simply electric.

Finally, the moment!! Heart came on stage! It was all so surreal. Ann was decked out in her black and singing with the same intensity she has been in the three plus decades earlier. Nancy was tearing up the guitar lead and looking very hot! They wowed the crowd with their new songs and at one point, one of country music’s finest, Alison Krauss, was brought on stage to sing with the ladies. The harmony between the three of them was magnificent.

The concert could have gone on forever. It was one fabulous song after another. I especially loved hearing Heart classics such as” Barracuda”, “Crazy on You”, “Magic Man”, and “What About Love”. Unfortunately, they didn’t sing my all-time favorite Heart song, “Will You Be There (In the Morning)”. There are many reasons I love that song, but probably the biggest reason is that Nancy sings lead vocals. It’s not often you get to hear her voice stand out from the incredible voice of Ann.

The electricity pulsating through the crowd was just as powerful after the last song as it was right before Heart came on stage. I had never experienced a show like it before. I told a friend of mine that the concert was better than the best concert I had seen before. That concert was Cher, in the 90s. I stand by those words. I will take every opportunity I have in the future to see Heart again. I can’t hardly wait until their new album comes out, spawning new Heart hits.

Kendel L. Boone

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