Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MusicRiffs TOP PICKS of 2010 (so far!): WTF + 4 (EP) by Heart

Heart is a rock band whose founding members came from Seattle, Washington, in the early 1970s. Going through several lineup changes, the only constant members of the group are sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Following a 1990 tour, the Wilson sisters put together an informal acoustic group called The Lovemongers with Sue Ennis and Frank Cox. A four-song EP that included a version of Led Zeppelin's "The Battle of Evermore" came out in late 1992, and the quartet performed several times in the Seattle area. The Lovemongers released a full-length album titled Whirlygig in 1997.

After a six-year hiatus, Heart will return with a new studio recording produced by Ben Mink on August 31 2010, entitled Red Velvet Car, which will include a new version of The Lovemongers song "Sand".

Ann Wilson on "Sand": The last song on Red Velvet Car: "This song would not go away until it found its perfect home. We recorded “Sand” with The Lovemongers, and kept playing it in different rooms until it found its rightful place. Ben Mink heard us play it live and said, “Wow, that’s such a great song, why don’t we do it?” It’s a tough one to get through because it sums up the arc of a love affair, or the arc of a life or the end of a season. It’s a simple concept big enough to imprint heavily in your life -- the idea that time runs out."

Nancy Wilson on "Sand": "Now “Sand” has finally claimed its power and its place. Some songs stay with you, and continue to live and that’s when you know you really have something."