Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heart at the Ryman: Review and Pictures!

The sold out crowd rose to their feet as the legendary sister rock duo Heart took to the stage at the Ryman Auditorium. They continued to stand, dance, and jump around as the band played through their hits and introduced songs off their new album. The evening started off with Nancy Wilson revving up the crowd with a slamming guitar solo, while lead singer Ann Wilson entered from the back of the stage playing a flute. The crowd went crazy as the night began, especially when they launched into "What About Love."

Ann Wilson took time to engage the crowd throughout the night. She joked that Nancy and she had been doing music in Heart for a very long time, starting "way back in the 20th century." They then went on to play the title track from their 1978 album, Dog and Butterfly, as psychedelic images flashed on the screen behind them. They would go on to play through a majority of their hits, including "Crazy On You", "Magic Man", and "Alone".

Heart told the audience how blessed they felt to play in Nashville in front of so many incredible musicians. Ann Wilson then went on to say that the band had invited one of these musicians to join them tonight. As surprise guest Alison Krauss joined the sisters at the front, the rest of the band faded to the back. The crowd was awestruck as the trio joined together for a heartfelt song.

Heart spent a lot of the evening introducing their fans to the songs off their most recent studio effort, Red Velvet Car. Singer Ann Wilson explained that a red velvet car is what shows up when you are stuck and have no other options but to dial that last number in your phone. Other new songs included "WTF" and "Hey You".

Even after so many years, Heart has been able to hold onto their classic look and powerful, vocal driven sound. Ann Wilson can still hit the soaring high notes and Nancy Wilson's guitar licks are stronger than ever.


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