Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heart Returns to Rock, Stop at Oklahoma City's Zoo Amp

Not since the RUNAWAYS has women made the world of rock stand up and take notice like HEART.

Ann and Nancy Wilson exploded onto the musical landscape in 1975 with their hit album DREAMBOAT ANNIE. The album eventually sold over 1 million copies, spawning two of rock's greatest hits, CRAZY ON YOU and MAGIC MAN.

Ann Wilson has one of the most distinctively powerhouse voices in rock music. From her first note to her last gasp of air, Ann Wilson's voice leaves an indelible footprint in rock's timeline. HEART, with a musical career spanning over 30 years, has returned with a new album RED VELVET CAR.

"There's not an inauthentic, fictitious or posing bone in the body of this album," says Nancy Wilson. "Whether it's smart or not, there's no posing going on here whatsoever. We're telling our story. At one point, I said to Ann and Ben, "What we're doing in the studio with this album, this is the way we the Indians used to do it. You make a fire, and then you sit around the fire and tell your stories and pass them on with a real sense of one on one human contact. We feel like we made quite a fire together."

With a new album comes a much anticipated new tour which will wrap their 2010 touring season in late September.

Though not advertised on their website's tour dates, HEART is playing Oklahoma City's Zoo Amp on Saturday, August 21st.

Tickets are still available for this show with doors opening at 6 pm.

For more on HEART's show at the Zoo Amp go to:


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