Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First A&N Online Exclusive Review!!

Here we have it, the very first fan submitted review! I encourage anyone who comes to this site, if you've seen a recent show, please submit a review! As a fan, I really enjoy reviews that go into a lot of detail, I love seeing how excited the writer was just by their choice of words and descriptions. I feel like some of the reviews I read from the "pros" are a little dry sometimes. When my friends and I read about the shows we always love hearing about the little in between moments, Ann and Nancy's banter, there's so many sweet, wonderful moments in a show that I don't want to miss out on. And we always love hearing about the outfits :D Anyone who is interested in submitting, I really encourage you to pour your heart out, bring us to the place Ann and Nancy took you. :)

My first review is from none other than one of my very best friends, Mindy :D

August 6th 2010-A beautiful night in Pittsburgh. It was about 9pm when the band took the stage. The crowd went wild when Nancy came out and not long after there was Ann. That's when the crowd went absolutely insane. When she started walking towards the mic, you just knew all hell was about to break loose.

Starting with the setlist:

Cook with Fire--I was so very happy to find out this was added into the setlist months ago. Dog & Butterfly is one of my top Heart albums so hearing this live was a real treat. Oh she nailed it perfectly, so amazing. Oh and anytime Ann gets to play flute, yes please.

Heartless--I've always loved this song. Knowing some of these older songs were getting added just made the waiting seem even longer. But wow! So great to hear this one live. At one point during the song Ann was standing in front of her mic watching Nancy play then next thing you know she looks directly at me for at least 5 seconds with a huge smile on her face. At that moment it felt like I was the only one there. It's almost indescribable when someone you look up to so much acknowledges you for a few seconds like that. She's so beautiful in person.

Never--Love the way this is being done live. Nancy on harmonica! It's fun to see her doing that part.

Straight On--Once again, another song that I've always loved. I was just freaking out when Nancy started playing guitar and Ann wails "quite some timeeeeee!"

These Dreams--Oh Nancy and her beautiful songs. She's just as captivating standing there singing as she is jumping around with her guitar. Very nice to see Ben Mink joining them onstage!

Dog & Butterfly--The new arrangement is absolutely beautiful. I was not prepared for that at all..meaning the arrangement. The song is always beautiful no matter what. But that right there, oh my goodness.

Hey You--This is quickly becoming my favorite Nancy song. It's almost strange in a way just watching her stand so still for an entire song. But like I said before, she's so captivating no matter what. I love her playing the autoharp.

Red Velvet Car--These new songs are just amazing. Ann described what the song meant before they started playing and my eyes were welling up. She has such a way with words. I really do love this song.

Gimme Shelter/ Even It Up-- Fantastic! Ann put so much into this song..not like she doesn't anyways..but wowwwww. This is another time she looked at me too. She walked to our side of the stage and glanced down once again smiling. I think it was her intention to kill me that night haha.

In the Cool--LOVE! The lyrics are beautiful. Another wonderful new song. I can't wait for the album to come out. Just by hearing the 4 songs live you can tell it's going to be one of the best.

Alone--2 words: THE WAIL. Of all songs, this is the one I couldn't wait to witness live. Ann doesn't disappoint at all. Still amazing!

WTF--My new favorite song. This is another one they need to keep playing for years to come. I also couldn't wait to hear this one live too.

Magic Man--The beginning of a kick ass trio of songs. Loved this one! And I have to give Craig props here too, he tore it up on this song!

Crazy on You--Nancy did the intro right in front of us. After that things became a little fuzzy haha. Seeing it right in front of you is like nothing else. One advantage of sitting a little to the left. Just watching her play standing in one spot in front of you is amazing. Then there was the kick and skippy jumps...she's so adorable. Ann of course was incredible on this song.

Barracuda-- Amazing! I kept hearing about how Nancy just rocks so hard on this live and now I see what everyone means.

What Is And What Should Never Be-- First of all, they did intros before this song and they were so cute and sweet! Now for the song, HOLY COW! I never heard them do this before so it was a treat to hear something else different. Very impressed, they should do it more often!

Love, Reign O’er Me-- I haven't been reading any reviews for a long time so I had no clue this was recently thrown into the setlist replacing What About Love. I'm so glad I didn't know! Best surprise of the evening. I thought if I couldn't hear Mistral Wind this would definitely be at the top of my list because it's so incredible. Wouldn't you know it, soon as Debbie Shair hits the first notes on the keyboard I went absolutely nuts. I'm such a shy person but I even turned to the monger next to me and said "I didn't think they were going to do this!" Ann nails this song PERFECTLY everytime. Oh my! I was definitely on cloud 9 right then.

After they left the stage my dad and I went up by the stage where a small group of people were standing. I was hoping to get a setlist but people closer to the barrier had them already. One of the guys was throwing picks out and I just yelled "Come on!" and waved my hands around. He threw it our way, then it seemed to just disappear. I was so frantic saying find it, find it! The lady in front of us tells my dad to check his shirt pocket and sure enough, there it was!! I couldn't believe it had landed right in there. Of course now it is mine ;) One of my favorite things to happen that night was getting that pick. I have no clue if Nancy actually used it but either way it's awesome to get one.

I'll remember all the random cute/funny things from that night more than anything I'm sure. You're so in the moment that some things seem almost like a dream, never happening at all.

Ann cracks me up when she deepens her voice to joke around! She's an absolute joy to listen to just talking about stuff.

Nancy spins around so fast sometimes I think she's going to take off in flight with a guitar. She's so full of energy it's insane!

I didn't get to take a ton of pictures because the venue was so strict. But I managed to sneak in some pretty nice ones at the end.

I wish Ann and Nancy could know how much this night meant to me. They are so amazing. This was my first Heart concert and hopefully not my last.