Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 New Articles on Red Velvet Car

Legacy Recordings has announced the release of Red Velvet Car, the first new studio album in six years from the groundbreaking Seattle-based band HEART, available everywhere on Tuesday, August 31st, or pre-order your copy now from here.

For their first new album since 2004′s Jupiter’s Darling, the first ladies of arena rock took an acoustic approach to a collection of songs inspired by the world around them, arranged for an assortment of strings including guitar, mandolin, dobro, banjo, fiddle, viola, cello and autoharp, all played by Nancy Wilson and the album’s producer, Grammy winner Ben Mink.

Nine of the album’s songs were written for, and appear for the first time on Red Velvet Car. The album’s closer, ‘Sand‘, is a newly recorded version of a song originally written and recorded by the LOVEMONGERS, Ann and Nancy‘s 1990′s acoustic side project.

“It feels good to have Sony Music holding our new baby. It’s sort of like coming home, since we worked with them on Little Queen, Dog And Butterfly, Bebe le Strange, Private Audition and Passionworks, among others,” said Ann Wilson. “We’re excited about taking it on the road. A fresh sound with all the original Heart magic.”
“This album feels so right for the times,” said Nancy Wilson. “We can’t wait to share this one with the world!”
Heart will be performing songs from Red Velvet Car, as well as classics from the band’s repertoire, at selected Lilith Fair dates and in headline concerts across the US and Canada from July through September.


A snippet from OutQ: Ladies of Lilith:

Heart has a new album, Red Velvet Car, coming out next month, but for now they have a new EP, WTF, and I'll be playing the title track. Heart are badass ladies and don't really get their due. I don't totally love this new song, but their catalog speaks for itself. Ann Wilson is an incredible rock and roll singer, and Nancy Wilson is a very underrated guitarist. I'm curious to hear the album.