Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lilith Fair Review: Spinning Platters

Nice review of Heart's performance at Lilith Fair San Francisco! =D

Heart aren’t given enough respect by the feminist movement. More than any riot grrl band (not to devalue the importance of riot grrl), they opened the rock world to women in a huge way. They were the first rock band where the women were the songwriters and also took control of the leads. Nancy Wilson is the kind of guitarist that could show Jimmy Page a thing or two, and at this show, they made sure to keep this set as metal as they could. The whole set was devoted to the edgier, heavier Heart. Only in the middle of the set, where they played a few decent songs off their upcoming record, Red Velvet Car, did things mellow. Nancy took lead vocals from her sister on the strongest of the new songs, “Hey You,” and then played a powerful reading “Alone,” with the stage bare aside from the Wilson sisters and keyboardist Debbie Shair (Ironically, this was the only time all day that only women were on stage).

Ann Wilson’s voice has only improved with time, with a soulful richness that is incomparable in any genre of music. They closed the main set with the near-perfect closer of “Crazy On You” and “Barracuda,” which is still one of the greatest riffs in musical history.