Saturday, July 31, 2010

Y101FM: We Heart Heart!

We'll be raising flags for women around the world as Friday Gold Rush gives us Heart at the end of every bustling week here on the Rhythm of the City.

The band who gave us some of the most memorable rock ballads (e.g. These Dreams, Alone, What About Love, etc.) is a regular sound to be heard on Friday Gold Rush – so don't forget to grab the nearest ladle or anything that resembles a microphone and sing along with us on Y101!

“Led by Seattle-raised sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, Heart rose to rock & roll glory in the 1970s with their captivating brand of heavy rock and emotion-packed power balladry,” their MySpace profile bio describes. “Widely considered the foremost female-fronted rock band in history, the group has been selling out stadiums and topping the charts since the dawn of their legendary and illustrious career, selling over 30 million albums worldwide. With Ann’s powerful, three-octave soprano and the band’s no-nonsense maxim of urgent conviction, Heart has been cited as a major influence by everyone from Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains to R.E.M and Soundgarden. Inspiring a generation with their arresting artistry and provocative sense of flair, Heart is the rock band’s rock band.”

Looking at the succeeding acts who've fed on Heart's example, the Y101 Web Team isn't nearly surprised... of course, they won't be ranked at #57 on VH1's “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” for nothing.

And another feat for Heart is that they're one of the very first mainstream rock bands where women were in complete creative control – in this case, in the persons of sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Well, Heart just proves that rock & roll is not a man's turf after all... women rock too!

On Friday Gold Rush with Jack the Wack, be ready to be rocked by these Canada-based flower power girls on Y101 Always First!

Don't we just "heart" Heart?