Monday, July 26, 2010

LFPress: Rock the Park Review

A Face In The Crowd – Heart Rock The Park – Giving The People What They Want

The tornado watch was downgraded to a thunderstorm watch, so off to Harris Park it was on Saturday night.

Heart was the first act that I caught. They came out strong with a surprisingly heavy guitar sound and played mostly old hits, a couple of new ones from their new album (Red Velvet Car) and closed with an encore of two covers.

It may have been my spot near the front of the stage, but danged if I could hear anything that the very lovely Nancy Wilson played unless the other guitarist took a break and/or the young woman on keyboards didn’t overwhelm everyone with that sour Kurzweil. Nancy whirled, twirled, hopped, sang, played electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin and even an autoharp. Her stage monitors must have been telling her a complete story while I heard only flashes.

Meanwhile sister Ann was wailing out most of the vocals with the aid of some very enthused female fans who also screamed at the tops of their lungs between songs. Strangely enough, Ann’s vocals came across more clearly and powerfully when the other ladies onstage weren’t singing back-up.

The sound mix problems probably didn’t matter much to most of the audience since what they did hear was loud rock and what they expected/wanted. Now here’s a try at a set list.

Cook With Fire
Straight On
These Dreams
Hey You
Kick It Out
Red Velvet Car
Magic Man
Crazy On You
What Is And What Should Never Be
Love Reign O'er Me