Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lilith Fair Has Heart

Kansas City Review.

And again, our girls steal the show. ♥

For Hardrock Haven fans, Heart, clearly was the day’s highlight. Ann and Nancy Wilson kicked off their set with “Barracuda.” Ann’s voice hasn’t changed a bit since the sisters’ 1976 debut album Dreamboat Annie. If anything, her voice has improved with time, which was kind of surprising to many in attendance. She received a huge applause for belting it out. Nancy rocked on the guitar and was in perfect vocal and instrumental harmony with Ann. They played the hits “Straight On” and “Even It Up” before performing “WTF,” “Hey You” and “Red Velvet Car” from their new CD titled Red Velvet Car. The set concluded with the well-known songs, “Alone,” Magic Man” and “Crazy On You.” Heart’s encore, a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “What Is And What Should Never Be” left fans wanting more Rock and Roll and a standalone Heart tour. Props go to the Wilson sisters, who continue to rock and record.
Lilith Fair 2010 isn’t a sell-out tour, but it provides a day in which women in music is celebrated. Ann Wilson said it best: “We don’t stand on gender, alone. But we’re happy we were able to kick open some doors for other female artists.”