Monday, July 19, 2010

Lilith Fair Minneapolis Reviews

Who's who at Lilith Fair

Heart, Seattle/Vancouver.

Ann Wilson, 60; Nancy Wilson, 56.

Latest album: "Red Velvet Car" (due Aug. 31).

Since the '70s, the Wilson sisters have been giving us the dog and butterfly of rock 'n' roll, playing it hard, soft and sexy.


*please note the following review has a bit of crowd negativity in it. Just thought I'd let everyone know.

The Lilith audience started coming to life after a spirited alt-country hoedown by Court Yard Hounds (The Dixie Chicks minus the short one who famously dissed Bush) that culminated with "Ain't No Son" and some intense fiddling, meaning it was now time for sisterly duo Heart to take the stage. Nancy Wilson's grating guitar riffs wailed out on opening number "Barracuda," a stunning start to what would be a memorable 50 minutes.

Dressed in all black and looking years younger than 54 and 60, the ladies of Heart tore through "Straight On" and "Even It Up" -- the latter featuring an impromptu chorus from the Stones' "Gimme Shelter" -- and then launched into a 3-song mini-set of tracks from their new album, Red Velvet Car (debuting Aug. 31). Miffed, the audience sat. Some even had the nerve to yell "PLAY 'ALONE!' while Ann was introducing the songs and giving us backstory. But fans got their way, not before new tracks "WTF" ("About little talks you have with yourself when you've just screwed up"), and "Hey You." Though the duo's slowed, acoustic performance of "Alone" was not nearly as beastly as many surely expected, it truly showed off Ann's robust howl.

Heart finished with "Crazy On You" and "Magic Man" featuring live electronic effects from a distracting keyboardist whose gothic ensemble and plucky pigtails made her look like she was teleported straight out of Guitar Hero -- the only thing we could have done without. Our only wish unfulfilled: They didn't play "Never" or "Who Will You Run To", a small thing compared to witnessing these sisters show off their legendary rock n' roll prowess, something next pefromer Mary J. Blige said she was inspired by when watching Heart on MTV in the '80s.


Heart. “Barracuda,” “Straight On,” “Even It Up” segueing into “Gimme Shelter,” “Alone” (this was not an “American Idol” moment), “Magic Man,” “Crazy on You” – Ann Wilson’s voice sounded fabulous. It wasn’t all nostalgia. The three new songs from the forthcoming “Red Velvet Car” album proved that Heart still has a pulse. After hearing Ann again live, I think the Led Zeppelin guys should consider her as a fill-in for Robert Plant. Grade: A-minus.