Friday, July 16, 2010

"Wilsons Upset About Heart Breakers"

Possible tabloid BS on the horizon over Nancy's comment to

HEART stars ANN and NANCY WILSON are urging fans not to listen to their bitter ex-boyfriends and ex-bandmates, who are trying to recreate past glories on tour.

The sisters admit they're upset with comments former Heart stars Roger Fisher and Steve Fossen have made while promoting shows they're performing.

Nancy Wilson tells, "It's a little challenging to put up with some of the original lineup guys. Some of the original guys are trying to look back and trying to recreate something.

"They had a Heart reunion without Ann and Nancy, and... they were dissing us on the local radio and stuff, saying negative things about me and Ann. What can you do?"

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*Note: I wasn't going to post this but as I would like to bring you info on EVERYTHING that is happening in the world regarding Ann and Nancy I decided to go ahead and post. Hopefully there won't be any more updates on this matter though. =\ I like bringing good news =)